Photographing families is about you and your people and what you love. Who’s the goofy one? Who loves being the center of attention and who will hide from the camera whenever they have a chance? How fun is it that I get to create images that capture all those little nuances? Like when your son wouldn’t take off his superman cape—except for bath time—for 2 months…

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that although it’s important to get everyone looking at the camera, that image of you walking down the road holding hands with your daughter as she looks up at you like you are her whole world is so much more special because it will help you remember what that felt like. The images that really stick with us are those of truly authentic interactions. They embody and represent the memory and feeling of those moments. 

Because things always run smoother when they are organized, we wanted to share our process with you—from our first interaction to the moment you hang that last picture on the wall, step back to admire it, and can’t help but laugh at the image of Fido knocking your two-year-old into the leaves.


Valenti Family 2016_055.jpg

Here’s how it works:


Reach out to us! 

We sit in the studio and are enamored with people’s stories, how they are told (in books, through podcasts, with music and images) and how we should tell them. We are obsessive about the experience people have with photography. We care. About all of it.


We’d love to have you come into the studio for a pre-session, to get to know you, to learn about your vision (unless you don’t have one yet, which is also totally fine!), what makes you tick, what your favorite Saturday morning looks like. We will discuss what you want to do with the images after the session— where you envision these images hanging? Are you looking for one classic framed image collection of six metal prints with the sweetest moments from your shoot, or would you love a tiny little print with a hand-torn edge, under glass, sitting above your desk?

The more we know, the more you’ll love your images.


Session fees start at $275. Prints, products and digital images are priced separately.

PORTRAIT SESSIONS (big families, little families, newborns, seniors, anyone and everyone!)

Our Portrait sessions (which last about an hour) are relaxed and personalized. We might direct you, but we won’t over pose you. These sessions, which can be on location or in our studio, are about creating images that exemplify you and make you feel great! Click here for details


Real life sessions (which last about two hours) document the beautiful, ordinary, wonderfully chaotic moments in your life. These sessions are unscripted & un-posed. Wear whatever you want, you don’t need to clean your house or get prepared. After a little while, you won’t even notice the camera! Click here for details


Our year in the life baby plan includes three sessions over the course of your baby’s first year. From a tiny hand wrapped around your finger, to those first smiles, to adorable, unsteady first steps, our year in the life plan gives us the chance to capture all of these firsts. At the end of the year, we’ll design an album to help you remember it all! Click here for details




We know this can feel like a lot (you might not be sure what type of session you want to do, you might be worried about what to wear, that one of the kids has a scratch on their face), but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Let’s just get it on the calendar and we’ll help you work the rest out!

You’re in good hands. Enjoy it and be present— we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ve made it this far— you’ve got stunning images— now wouldn’t it be a shame if they just sat on your computer? Let’s make sure you can enjoy them! A couple of weeks after your session, we’ll have you come into the studio to see your images, and we’ll guide you through the process of figuring out how to best display each one. We can’t wait to help you get them up on your wall, in an album, or on your desk at work for everyone to ooh and ahh over! Check out some products here.


dev-khalsa-intimate-portraits-001 2.jpg

“Dev, we have to have our Kleenex in hand to look at the pictures. They are so wonderful. You have made our whole family happy and we are so grateful. Please know that your talents were put to good use and that we appreciate your extra effort to capture images of our kids. Thanks for all you did to make our family's memories come alive.”